You’ve got one life…why not live it to the fullest?! I’ve done a lot of cheers-ing in my life, probably a little too much, but the best thing I’ve ever raised a glass to, was getting fit: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Join me in toasting to your best self!


“Michele is a fantastic coach! Whatever is holding you back from starting, don’t wait! With Michele’s guidance I have lost close to 20 pounds. I have also cut my blood pressure medicine in half as well as completely quit taking my daily Prilosec. Am I perfect, ABSOLUTELY NOT! But being “better not perfect” allows me mentally to not give up the moment I have a small setback. Don’t wait, small changes add up to big changes!”


“Michele Harbin excels at motivating her clients towards successful life changes that really work. Most importantly, her methods and coaching style are not only effective, they are real, reasonable, and life changing for everyone , no matter what physical and nutritional level they are starting from.”