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Are you a tired, stressed out parent? Are you struggling with substance abuse? Are you short on time and money but desperately need self-care? Are you depressed, anxious, and overwhelmed? Are you dealing with health issues?

Imagine if you were in the best shape of your life. Imagine if you consistently got a good night’s sleep. Imagine if you reduced the amount of prescription drugs you are taking. Imagine if you learned to manage and cope with stress naturally and efficiently.

The truth is, you CAN get in the best shape of your life, reverse bad habits, and learn to manage your stress without a prescription, and you don’t have to figure it all out on your own because you are not alone.

Prior to setting out on my health and fitness journey, I lived a life fueled by substance abuse to deal with my stress and anxiety. I drank to celebrate a good day and to forget a bad day. I took opioids to combat supposed pain but really it was for the euphoric effects. I took a pill to fight anxiety and another to drift off to dream. I had a substance for any occasion, (to be happy, to calm down, to be alert, to sleep, to wake up, to lose weight), and sadly, I was legally prescribed many of them. I was in a never-ending cycle and it was incredibly hard to break. This picture sums up how I felt all the time:

11.19.17. Stress Blog

My head ached, I was exhausted, anxiety consumed me, and my health was declining.

If you are sick of being overwhelmed and stressed, if you are sick of not having the energy to do the things that bring you joy, like playing with your kids or grandkids, taking a nature hike, swimming in the lake, or walking at an amusement park, if you are sick and tired or being sick and tired…YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

It is hard to find time for ourselves, particularly to follow a strict diet and workout regimen. I didn’t have the time or money to join a gym. I had to find a way to minimize the time and money spent while achieving maximum results. My program will teach you simple fitness, simple nutrition, and self-care.

When you subscribe to my ALL ACCESS pass, you will receive group support, accountability check-ins, meal plans, recipes, portion control containers, individual coaching, proven workout regimens, motivation, and inspiration for an entire year. YES! You read that correctly, not one month, but for an entire year!

By signing up for this program, you will also receive one month of my favorite all-natural, SUPERFOOD SHAKE to replace one meal a day for 30 days. It aids in weight loss, reduces junk food cravings, provides healthy energy, and supports your digestion and regularity.

Signing up today, also lands you a free 5 Day Kickstart Meal Plan complete with a shopping list and recipes.


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The cost to join is only $160. That is a savings of over $100! You will receive access to me, hundreds of workouts, recipes, meal plans, portion control containers, and group support/accountability for an entire year, PLUS one month of a SUPERFOOD SHAKE and my 5 Day Kickstart Meal Plan.  Simply shoot me a message that says, “I’M READY”, and we will get started together!

You will be added to my private VIP FACEBOOK GROUP where you will receive daily motivational and informative posts, have access to email support, compete in monthly challenges and contests to motivate you, and be held accountable by myself and your peers.


I understand how you are feeling. I am a busy, working mother of two young children. I started my health and fitness journey out of necessity to reverse personal health issues, to fight my genetic history, and to beat addiction. The benefits of taking control of your health and nutrition are too good not to share. Coaching also keeps me accountable and inspires me to keep going. We are BETTER TOGETHER! 

You will learn to make healthy choices by following a clean, whole food diet. You will increase your fitness level by completing tested and proven workout programs. You will connect with others who are also striving to be the healthiest version of themselves.

My program is for you if you are ready to reduce stress, lose weight and regulate blood sugars, cholesterol, or blood pressure. It is for you if you are struggling with addiction. It is for you if you want to feel energized and full of life. It is for you if you need to be connected to like minded people on the same quest for fulfillment.


All you have to do is message me, “I’M READY!”


I am so confident you will see results that you have a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  No questions asked. Simply cancel and you will receive a full refund.

You may be asking:

Where will I find the time? You will have the option to choose from workouts as short as 10 minutes a day and each workout program has a coordinating meal plan that is laid out for you.

How will I afford it? The membership to the online streaming service for one year is a fraction of the cost of joining a gym.

I have never committed to getting healthy. How will I know where to start? I will offer support and guidance from the very beginning. The other members of the group will also offer additional motivation and inspiration.


We all deserve to be fulfilled, so join me today. 

Who is depending on YOU?